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Hello Escotia

This blog seeks to provide views and ideas on life in Scotland.  It was launched on the 9th of May 2015 shortly after Scotland voted to send 56 SNP MPs to Westminster and only 1 Labour, 1 Tory and 1 Liberal MP.  Each of those parties then having less MPs than Panda’s in Scotland.

The blog aims to discuss issue of Social Justice – a word that a lot of people in Scotland now use but far fewer actually understand or practice.  Here is a definition from a Common Weal paper:

‘… entitlement (e.g. to the law, services and democratic processes), redistribution (e.g. of rights, duties and resources), recognition (e.g. of culture, difference, capacity) and respect (e.g. of strengths, attributes, abilities).’

For example, the blog author has encountered lots of people who are apparently experts in Social Justice and some of those people have been, ‘right stuck up and fu’ o’ them sel’s’.

They could have a think about whether being arrogant and condescending to everyday people shows respects for those people’s strengths and abilities and gives recognition to those people’s different ways of being in the world.

Similarly, all those men who show a lack of respect for women on social media but claim to be for political parties who associate with Social Justice should wake up to their own contradictions.

This blog will seek to discuss the problems of trying to live and practice social justice. In so doing it will not try to be some kind of judge, jury nor executioner on other people’s lives. For example, the blog aspires to be critical of my own life and world views and to help people understand Social Justice through analysis of my own oversights and misjudgements.

Hopefully by comparing things like contradictions within the main stream media to inconsistencies in my own life, the blog will become a rich source of irony, humour and paradox.

In this way readers of the blog should hopefully be entertained but the everyday contradictions we encounter.

A final small point for this first blog, I experiences dyslexic tendencies so readers are encouraged to look beyond issues with spelling etc.

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