This blog  analyses everyday happenings in the world in relation to social justice:

‘… entitlement (e.g. to the law, services and democratic processes), redistribution (e.g. of rights, duties and resources), recognition (e.g. of culture, difference, capacity) and respect (e.g. of strengths, attributes, abilities).’ http://reidfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Childhood1.pdf

The blog was set up by John Davis  who is a Professor of Education specializing in Childhood, Family, Disability and Inclusion.

The blog’s main authors and editors are:

Christina Milarvie Quarrell, who is a Poet Photographer Artist born and raised in the Govanhill Gorbals communities. Her work celebrates the values of people before profit.  Art is her passion and she utilises community arts as a basis for the creation and gathering of working class culture, poems, stories and songs.

John Davis, who is a Professor of Education at the University of Strathclyde in June 2018. he researches and writes on a range of issues including childhood, disability, inclusion, social justice and anti-discrimination with the aim of supporting children and families to be at the centre of resolving their own life issues.

We welcome contributions from other people, what ever their writing ability or political persuasion. The blog is open to anyone who wants to write about social justice, in relation to music, arts, family life, education, health, social welfare etc.  We welcome contributions from people who have something to say about life; what ever age they are and what ever back ground. The editor will support less experienced writers and contributors who have never written before. Feel free to send suggestions for posts/articles to John at his twitter account @inde_for_inde

We would particularly appreciate articles that seek to counter main stream media distortions of our lives and provide readers with a critical, serious and/or humorous analysis of everyday situations.

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